Blue skies from pain

ork: These last two months of working at $WE_TEACH_TO_TEENAGERS will kill me…

I’ve been wiping out disks (which have seen too many months without a format) since last week; Windows9x is Pain and Suffering to maintain. Unfortunately, we still have old ‘chines with only 64 megs of RAM, so installing Windows XP is completely out of question. It’s mind boggling how on earth people did not complain when they were forced to use these Toys ‘R’ Us operating system; and when I say “complain” I mean: getting to Redmond with rusty medieval tools and burn the place from the ground.

hacking: I’ve sent my desktop bookmarks parser/builder object to the gtk-devel-list guys, and I’m still waiting for a CVS account. I hope to put it into libegg, since this object is a dependency on my EggRecent stuff.

This code is similar to GKeyFile: it can load a XBEL data stream with the metadata of the desktop bookmarks specification, and offers access to each bookmark in it by using the item’s URI.

desktop bookmarks spec: I’m still reviewing the spec. I was thinking about the <group> tag: what if we changed it with a <tag>? We could have user-defined tags, which could be more useful for identifying, sorting and filtering metadata.