Taking My Part

recent-files I’ve began assuming maintainership of all the bugs inside Bugzilla for the recent-files component of libegg. The listed bugs are basically issues against API unfriendlyness towards language bindings; segfaults for being too optimistic against user intervention on the storage file; UI enhancements. Many of these bugs have patches, so it should only be a job of committing those patches after some review.

As for this issue: I’m still waiting to get a CVS account for cvs.gnome.org

recent-chooser: the code is taking shape quite fast. The new API is reaching a stable form. I’m still unconvinced about the need of having the creation of the RecentItem objects exposed: we could simply offer a convenience API for adding items by their URI (plus some other metadata), and let the user get a RecentInfo object when looking up a recently used URI.

desktop-bookmarks: I’m working on a technology demonstrator; a simple bookmarks manager that allows the creation of desktop bookmarks by DnD’ing an URI from an application exporting the text/URI target.

life: Hot. Hot. Hot.