Good Intentions/2

gtk+: I’ve been working again on the RecentManager and in trunk you’ll see some new stuff, namely:

  • use GIO to determine the MIME type of a URI, on every platform supported
  • use the file monitoring API to avoid polling the storage file
  • add a GtkSettings property for clamping the recently used resources list to a 30 days limit

more stuff I’d like to add is:

  • small parser changes to GBookmarkFile, to reflect changes in the spec
  • bulk addition, for applications storing multiple items when quitting
  • new API needed to follow the usability review in bug 349541
  • moving the RecentItem icon code to GIO, and add API to extract the thumbnail

twitter: I’ve been using Twitter a lot in the past two weeks; it’s nice, it makes it easier to copy and paste a quote or a thought, and the 160 characters limit is an interesting challenge. As it’s been ages since I last wrote an application1, I decided to start writing a Twitter reader/writer — using GTK+, Clutter and Tidy; without much thinking, I opened gvim and started writing code in C2 — so, the obvious thing that happened was that I ended up writing a library yet again in order to use Twitter’s web API. luckily for me, libsoup has now a really nice API to work with; all you need is GET and POST to their RESTful API, retrieve the result, parse it through JSON-GLib, hide everything inside a new GObject and you have a wrapper around a web service. the application, you say? oh, I was sure I forgot something. well, it’s coming along — it just needs some work still.

  1. lately all I’ve been doing was writing libraries []
  2. hey, that’s what I do for a living, it’s hard to switch off; plus, I could reuse some of the platform libraries []
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8 Responses to Good Intentions/2

  1. iain says:


  2. Luigi says:

    Requested ‘clutter-0.6 >= 0.6.2’ but version of Clutter is 0.6.0
    No package ‘tidy-1.0’ found

    Are there some debs somewhere?

  3. ebassi says:

    clutter 0.6.2 has been packaged and will hit unstable soon (or it did already, I’m not sure); clutter packages are usually on (see the link) as soon as Ross or Rob do them.

    tidy has not been packaged because it’s not meant to be packaged; it can be checked out from svn using:

      svn co tidy
  4. Luigi says:

    Probably you mean:

    I had to change libsoup version
    m4_define([soup_req_version], [2.4.1])

    $ tweet
    ** (tweet:11589): WARNING **: Unable to retrieve status from Twitter: Unauthorized

  5. danw says:

    > luckily for me, libsoup has now a really nice API to work with

    And you didn’t even notice the soup_form_* methods… :-)

  6. ebassi says:

    @luigi: yes, that repo.

    and the libsoup requirement was there for a reason (the auth code changed). so, no: you really need libsoup trunk.

    easy solution: jhbuild with the gnome-2.24 moduleset and tidy froms vn.

  7. ebassi says:

    @luigi: you’ll also need a $HOME/.config/tweet/tweet.json file containing username and password

    didn’t I write that this is highly experimental stuff that requires load of work and should not be used?

  8. ebassi says:

    @danw: thanks for the tip! I didn’t even use SoupDate – though I plan to :-)

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